Weekly Workout: Legs

Just about every lady I know wants long, sexy, toned legs. For this workout though, I encourage you to do things for you, rather than for how you think society is telling you to look. I have found if you approach each workout with a mindset of gratitude towards your body’s abilities and a tenacity to see what you can achieve, your entire approach towards fitness will change. See if you can adopt this mindset while you give this workout a try.

Low-Intensity Cardio

If you had told me three months I would be advocating for low intensity cardio, I would have called you crazy. But this one workout has seriously changed my exercise game. Here’s what you do:

  • Hop on the treadmill
  • Bump the incline up to 15%
  • Walk at 3mph for 45 minutes

Seriously, try it. The first time I did, it totally kicked my butt. I’m talking dripping with sweat, totally out of breath kicked my butt. Walking on an incline burns a TON of calories, and also helps to firm your hamstrings and calves.


After your 45 minutes of cardio, give this workout a try. Choose heavier weights that will challenge you. Rest 30- 60 seconds between sets. The shaking is a good thing I promise.

  • 3 sets X 12 reps Barbell back squat + as many jump squats as you can do between sets
  • 3X10 walking lunges/leg (optional: hold dumbbells)
  • 3X10/side banded side steps in a squat position (Check out these resistance bands)
  • 3X12 Bulgarian split squat/leg (optional: hold medicine ball)
  • 4X15 lying leg press machine


Now lets get to work and see what those legs can do! Questions, comments, concerns? Any workouts your dying to see? Let me know in the comment section!